Additional layout capabilities in Condes 10.5

With version 10.5 designing graphic layouts became easier.  Below the most important updates are described.

Rotate text objects

Text objects can be rotated, and the background color can be configured.

Use the right-click menu to rotate the object to a right angle

Use the rotate tool   to freely rotate the object to any angle

Use the text object’s properties dialog to configure the text color and the background color.

The background can be transparent. Make sure to drag the slider to “Opaque” when you add a background color.

Show course symbols and graphics objects on any combination of courses and canvases

Configure course symbols and graphics objects to be shown on any set of courses and any set of canvases.  Previously, it was only “all courses” or a single course, and “all canvases” or a single canvas.

On the property dialog for the object, select courses and canvases from the drop-down lists.  

When you choose “All canvases” or “All courses”, the object will always be shown, regardless of whether the current course and current canvas is checked

Keep in mind that a canvas can be “linked”, so that it shows the same symbols as another canvas.  See Canvas / Controls for more details.

Fine tune course symbol dimensions

Configuration of course symbol dimensions has been updated, so that it is possible to override individual dimensions, e.g. the circle diameter, and leave the rest according to the chosen map specification

Bring up this settings dialog by using the menu  Canvas / Course overprint symbols and dimensions

You can override the standard dimension by checking “Override” column and entering a value in the “Own” column.

An overridden dimension applies to all course symbols on that canvas.