Course Overprint Symbols (Course Overprint Symbols and Dimensions dialog)
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Note: The settings in this dialog apply for all courses on the active canvas shown at the top header of the dialog.  If you wish to configure one of the other canvases, first select the relevant canvas from the drop-down list.

Standard dimensions

The IOF publishes map specifications that include also the symbols used to draw courses.  There are different specifications for Foot-O (ISOM 2017-2, and ISSprOM 2019 for Sprint), MTB-O (ISMTBOM 2022), and Ski-O (ISSkiOM 2019).  The symbols are largely identical, but dimensions vary slightly among the specifications. 

In order to simplify selecting the right symbols and dimensions, this dialog has a list of the available specifications, and you can select the specification that is most appropriate for your event.

Selecting a map specification fixes those dimensions that are governed by the IOF map specifications.

Note that the IOF map specs in most cases prescribe that dimensions scale proportionally with the map scale.  For ISOM, the "nominal" scale is 1:15,000.  Therefore, for 1:7,500, the dimensions are double those listed in the spec.  The table to the right lists the dimensions and their values at the current print scale.

If needed, you can override individual dimensions by checking "Override" column and entering a value in the "Own" column.  An overridden dimension applies to all course symbols on that canvas.

Dimensions are measured in millimeters at 0.01 mm precision.

The dimensions configured on this page are:

If you want to use the same dimensions as used on another canvas, you can choose to link dimensions to the dimensions to that canvas.

Additional dimensions settings that are not governed by the IOF map specs can be found on the Additional Dimensions and Fonts tab.

Standard settings:

GET from My Standard Settings

Use this option to set all the values on this page to the values that you have saved as your own standard settings.

SAVE to My Standard Settings

Use this option to save all the values on this page as your own standard settings.

Reset to Condes Standard

Use this option to reset all the values on this page to the Condes standard values.