Print multiple maps on the same page…

To use paper more efficiently, Condes provides functionality to lay out multiple maps on the same printed page (or page exported to PDF).

Condes functionality is based on ideas and input from a lot of Condes users.  Condes supports Foot-O, Ski-O, Mountain-Bike-O and Trail-O, as well as Score-O, relays, etc.

Read more about Condes under About Condes and Features in Condes 10.

Export to PDF

In addition to printing the maps with courses on a printer, you can export to a variety of graphical formats.  An important one of these exports is the export to PDF.  When you export to PDF, all the courses will be included in one file, with one page per course.  PDF is the ideal format both when you use professional printing and desktop printing.

Program languages

Condes menus and dialogs are available in English, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

64-bit application

Condes 10 is a 64-bit application.  This means that it can handle memory consuming elements, such as large bitmap files.


UNICODE is a computer format to store letters and numbers in virtually any character set used in the world.

Condes supports the UNICODE 16-bit character set necessary to display non-latin alphabets used for example in Asia.