License types

There are 3 types of Condes licenses.  See the License Terms page for more details.

Club license

which is issued to an orienteering club or similar non-commercial users, so that all club members can use Condes for your club’s events, i.e. a club needs only one licence, and you can install and run Condes on up to 30 computers as long as the licence is used only for the licencing club’s events.

A Large Club license, valide for up to 50 computers is also available.

A limited Club license at a reduced cost allows you to install and run Condes on up to 5 computers.

Single User license

which is valid for one user.  This license can be installed on 2 PCs and is aimed for members of orienteering clubs and similar non-commercial users.

Pro license

which can be used by commercial users, e.g. print shops and professional event organizers.

License validity

A license gives the user the right to use Condes 10 indefinitely.   The license covers updates for 3 years from the date of license issue.  After 3 years, the software can still be used, but the license is not valid for updates that are published after the 3 years expiration date.

You can renew the license for another 3 years of updates.

License fees for Condes 10

Inside the European Union: Add VAT (at your country’s VAT rate)

Full version
(new license)
License Renewal
Club license
(30 installations)
DKK 1885.00
EUR 250.00
DKK 1785.00
EUR 235.00
Large Club license (50 installations)DKK 2885.00
EUR 387.00
DKK 2785.00
EUR 373.00
Limited club license
(5 installations)
DKK 995.00
EUR 133.00
Single user licenseDKK 349.00
EUR 47.00
Pro licenseDKK 1885.00
EUR 250.00