Condes 10 version history

Condes 10.1.4 – 24 September, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
When configuring circle color for individual controls, CMYK colors are now supported.Issue with route choice drawing on canvases with linked controls but not linked cutting of lines
When resizing the print area frame to a fixed page size, previously the default value for the margin was always 5 mm. Now it is at least 5 mm and at least the width of the widest non-printable margin for the current printer.Changed the control description automatically created for the first course in a new even, so that it is common for all courses, and thus will be placed identically on all courses.
Changed standard setting for auto-creating for each new course a standard text object with the course name.
From now on, the standard is that this text object will not be created.
It is possible to change the setting (File / Standard settings for this PC) so that the text will be automatically created.
Added a new number format option suitable for score O courses: “Points and code”
Changed default screen language selection to use the Windows Language setting instead of the Windows Region setting. This means that if possible, Condes will use the same language as your Windows uses.
You can change the Condes screen language in File / Standard settings for this PC
Added option to enter annotations for individual course legs
The course dialog window, which is resizeable (use gripper at the bottom right corner of the window), now remembers the size and opens at the same size next time.

Condes 10.1.3 – 18 August, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
OCAD maps: An area symbol using a line symbol as a border, and the line symbol is marked as hidden, then the border would not be drawn.
Control descriptions for a score O course: If the control descriptions object is configured to show only a range of controls, then sorting of the controls did not work correctly.
Course legs to/from mandatory crossing points were not drawn correctly in exported files.
Crash when creating a new event, no other events open, and the map uses a non-existing background map.
OCAD map: Symbols configured as hidden in Condes would also be hidden in background maps.

Condes 10.1.2 – 17 July, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
French on-line help.
Pascal Moutault has put in long hours to translate the on-line help to French language. Many thanks, Pascal!
GPS export: The KMZ file now includes both LatLonQuad notation and LatLonBox notation as geo reference for the map.Various bug fixes and improvements.

Condes 10.1.1 – 14 June, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Simple KML export. This export has the courses, and controls as waypoints.Printing to PostScript, Export to EPS, SVG and KMZ: Some areas filled with black color.
Printing to PostScript and Export to EPS: Graphics objects with wide bitmaps would apperar incorrectly

Condes 10.1.0 – 8 June, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Georeferenced maps: Support for a wider range of reference coordinate systems.
Prior to this version only UTM/WGS84 coordinate systems were supported.
This support includes georeferenced OCAD files, GeoTiff files, and bitmap files with associated World Files.
Added display of longitude and latitude to the tooltip shown when the mouse hovers over a controlOCAD Map: Some layout objects were not correctly identified and thus left out or misformatted (e.g. italic text)
Georeferenced PDF and Tiff files.
When exporting to PDF or Tiff from a map that is georeferenced, the exported PDF or Tiff will also be georeferenced.
Controls’ spreadsheet: Now using the coordinates from a canvas where the control is used, instead of always Canvas 1.Course legs and String O lines were not shown if the controls were close togeteher.
Create new control:
re-introduced that control codes can be drawn from the list of pre-defined controls.
When clicking on the real world coordinates pane in the status bar, the display toggles between showing latitude/longitude and “raw” real world coordinatesOCAD maps: Paths to background maps and graphics files used for layout object were sometimes mangled.
OCAD maps: Symbols with secondary gap length set to non-zero value, but main gap length equal to 0 drawn dashed.
GPS export: The course image as drawin in the KML file was not scaled correctly if the print scale differ from the map scale
Condes Text Object: If a standard text was configured to include “event name”, then the event date would also be incldued.

Condes 10.0.14 – 10 April, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Added feature to clean up. There is now a menu item to delete all controls that are not in use on any course.OCAD Map: Text symbol line indent not always correct
Control descriptions: Layout mismatch for courses with marked legs
PDF Export: Issue when a map has a line object that is entirely invisible because all segments are “no centerline” (invisible)

Condes 10.0.13 – 7 March, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
OCAD maps with incorrect (mangled) content caused crash
Control descriptions: Removed descriptions for legs between random order controls
OCAD Maps: Names for layout and background map files with “national” characters not handled correctly.
XML Export: Names containing national characters not always correctly encoded as UTF-8.
Automatic cutting of leg lines: Not correct on a linked canvas with different dimensions as the main canvas.

Condes 10.0.12 – 13 February, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
PDF Export: Improved handling of CMYK colors from JPG and TIF bitmaps, and improved handling of JPG bitmaps.Cutting of course legs: Minor issues fixed.
Height of control codes on “all controls” map fixed
Control descriptions: Length of marked route from time start to start triangle not always correct
Boundary of OCAD map with background maps not always correct
String-O line not always refreshed correctly on the screen.

Condes 10.0.11 – 21 January, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Edit control: Moving control location not always saved
Map: Filled areas not always drawing correctly
Scissors tool: When dragging the scissors along a course leg, it is possible to drag beyond a bend
Control descriptions: Font size decreases after showing a field with two texts
Course spreadsheet: Copy to clipboard copies incorrect course lengths
Maps: Using a bitmap and a world file to geo reference the map, the UTM zone would not be read correctly after reopening the event file.

Condes 10.0.10 – 7 January, 2020

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Control Window: Added ability to adjust control location for the current canvas on the front tab.XML export: Rogaine course points not correct
Screen redraw performance optimized.Minor bug fixes

Condes 10.0.8 – 1 December, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
PDF Export: Graphcis objects configured to use an RGB color now also exported as RGB color.OCAD maps: Minor updates to double line fill. Minor update to string table handling
Cutting tool (scissors) – when cutting a circle, the step is now 10 degress instead of 30 degrees.Boundary lines: Ensure even dashing
Improved handling of cutting tool when cutting course leg linesFixed screen redraw when dragging the mouse to scroll the map.
Control descriptions, dimensions in column F. Font now scales, if the “text” is too large to fit.

Condes 10.0.7 – 23 October, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Tooltip on control now shows accumulated course length from start to the controlEditing course: Inserting common control before and after a loop
Improved redraw performanceButterfly with start as the common control. Leg back to start not shown
Automatic cutting of course legs when intersecting control numbers not working correctly
Dimensions for ISSprOM2019: Not scaling with map scale
Improved page size calculations
Adding new control: The default control number not alwasy according to the configured first control number for the event
OCAD map files version 8 or older: Under specific circumstances, some objects were not drawn.
Marked route from time start to start: Length not alwasys calculated correctly

Condes 10.0.5 – 3 October, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Improved screen redraw performanceA number of minor improvements

Condes 10.0.4 – 13 September, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
PDF/bitmap/EPS export: Control number location not correct for controls on a canvas with linked controls
Crossing symbols: Size of crossing symbols not correct on a canvas with linked controls
PDF export: Handling of Bezier segments with co-inciding curve points could lead to unintended effects

Condes 10.0.3 – 7 September, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
PDF export. Added support for exporting each course to a separate PDF filePDF export: Overprint operator not correct in some cases
OCAD 12+ layout objects not shown correctly
Font size for “all controls” not correct
Automatic cutting of intersecting leg lines not working correctly
Dimensions linked between canvases not working correctly.

Condes 10.0.2 – 10 August, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Overlapping control circles: A course leg line is drawn inside the circles
Course leg lines: Not always possible to toggle of segment
OCAD 12+ symbol that are marked as protected AND hidden were visible
OCAD Export: Symbol dimensions not always correct
OCAD Export: All control codes would be shown as “10” in the control description
All controls control codes: When setting the print scale different from the map scale, the control codes would not be the correct size.

Condes 10.0.0 – 29 July, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes