Condes 10 version history

Condes 10.0.5 – 3 October, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Improved screen redraw performanceA number of minor improvements

Condes 10.0.4 – 13 September, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
PDF/bitmap/EPS export: Control number location not correct for controls on a canvas with linked controls
Crossing symbols: Size of crossing symbols not correct on a canvas with linked controls
PDF export: Handling of Bezier segments with co-inciding curve points could lead to unintended effects

Condes 10.0.3 – 7 September, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
PDF export. Added support for exporting each course to a separate PDF filePDF export: Overprint operator not correct in some cases
OCAD 12+ layout objects not shown correctly
Font size for “all controls” not correct
Automatic cutting of intersecting leg lines not working correctly
Dimensions linked between canvases not working correctly.

Condes 10.0.2 – 10 August, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes
Overlapping control circles: A course leg line is drawn inside the circles
Course leg lines: Not always possible to toggle of segment
OCAD 12+ symbol that are marked as protected AND hidden were visible
OCAD Export: Symbol dimensions not always correct
OCAD Export: All control codes would be shown as “10” in the control description
All controls control codes: When setting the print scale different from the map scale, the control codes would not be the correct size.

Condes 10.0.0 – 29 July, 2019

New featuresImproved featuresFixes