Controls dialog
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This dialog is used to set up the "behavior" of the control circle positions on the currently active canvas.

Note: The Setup Controls dialog configures settings for the canvas that is currently active.  If you want to configure one of the other canvases, first select the relevant canvas from the drop-down list.

Condes has one set of controls for an event file.  The same control can be used on all canvases, and it has the same type, control description, punch pattern etc, regardless of which canvas it is on.

You can control the behavior of the circles for each canvas.

For a canvas, the control circle locations can either be separate, or the positions can be "linked" to the positions on another canvas.

Separate controls or linked controls?

There are two options for control behavior:

  1. If you use separate controls, the circle location is separate for this canvas, and you move the control circles independently of other canvases.
  2. If you link the controls on this canvas to another canvas, then the control circles on the two canvases follow each other.  If you move a control on one canvas - the control on the other canvas follows.

Option 1) is useful if you use the same controls on two totally different maps.   Option 2) is useful if the two maps are related, for example if they are the same map at two different scales.

Settings for "linked" controls


Select from the drop-down list which canvas you want to use as the "source" for the control positions.  You can only select a canvas, which has its "own" control positions.

Also use the same cutting of circles and lines

Use this option if you want to use the same cutting of circles and shapes of leg lines on the two canvases.   If you leave this box unchecked, you can modify cutting of control circles, bending and cutting of course legs, etc. independently on the two canvases.

Also use the same symbols

Use this option if you want to use the same course symbols: out-of-bounds, boundary lines, refreshments, first aids etc on the two canvases.