Store map and graphics in the Condes file

Traditionally, a Condes file contains only the courses.  The map is in a separate file.  A Condes files is very small and easy to share in a course planning team.

However, if multiple maps are used at the same event, and if maps need layout elements or background maps, sharing becomes complex because you need to ensure that all the needed map files and graphics files are shared and at the correct version.

To facilitate such sharing, Condes 10.4 allows all the maps and graphics to be stored in one Condes file.   Thus, you can share just ONE file, and it contains everything.

When you create the Condes event, the event wizard asks if you prefer to have the maps and graphics stored in the Condes file, or you want to keep everything separate.   

At any time, you can use the Canvas / Map menu in Condes to reconfigure this setting.  Thus, even if you have an existing event, you can choose that from now on, everything is stored in the Condes file.  Or you can reverse and go back to keeping everything separate.