Make sure to update Condes

Condes is continuously improved, and updates are published regularly. Updates include new and improved features, and also important fixes.

Each Condes version has an expiration date. After the expiration date, the version is obsolete and can no longer be used. So it is important to update before the currently installed version expires.

Once a new version has been released, Condes invites you to update. However, once the currently installed version expires, Condes “insists” that you update.

It has turned out that for some combinations of Condes version and Windows version, the auto-update has not worked flawlessly.

To check if the auto-update is working with your current version of Condes and Windows, please use the Help / Check for software update menu. This will tell you if it is not possible to check for an update.

If you experience that the auto-update feature for some reason is not successful in updating the software, you can manually update by downloading from .

BTW – Don’t worry – your license does not expire because the software version expires. 🙂