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I few things I am missing

Posted by Sage 
I few things I am missing
September 28, 2021 09:19PM
Hi all, I am working on my first event and have a few things that I have not figured out yet.

1. I have a few legs that pass through other control circles. I have found the button to create a bend in the leg. unfortunately when I select anything else my bent legs disappear. Also the bent legs do not print as bent legs.

2. Climb. I have added clime to all positive legs. I have not added anything to negative climb legs. I do not see any climb totals. Do I need to add 0 to all the negative climb legs? What else do I need to do to get climb totals?

3. I honestly have not seriously looked for this, but how do you get the text control descriptions for the White and Yellow courses?

Thanks all,
Finn Arildsen
Re: I few things I am missing
September 28, 2021 11:59PM

Welcome to Condes. It seems that you have come quite far with your first event -- adding climb information and bending course legs smiling smiley

You may find some of the material at the Documentation section at useful. There are a number of user's guides that have proven useful and given valuable inspiration to other newcomers.

As for bending leg lines, it sounds like you are doing the right thing. However, bends do not normally disappear when first drawn, so I suspect that you might have made a wrong turn at some point. Could you explain how you created the bend?

As for entering climb values, negative climb is usually not entered, as the the total positive climb is shown.
The climb value is shown in the control descriptions header for those courses that are configured to use "Auto calculate the climb". The setting can be found on the "Advanced" tab in the course dialog window. The reason this setting is not "on" as default, is that when it is "on", then you'll be warned if climb values are not entered for all the legs on the course, which could be confusing for a newcomer not considering course climb.

A number of options can be configured for control descriptions. You can double click on a control descriptions object to open a configuration dialog. Among the options is to choose between symbolic or textual descriptions.

Re: I few things I am missing
September 29, 2021 03:46AM
Odd I just took pictures of a bend and a no bend and tried to attach as jpg and tif, and was rejected. So left to right, I see just above my map...
Canvas: name of ocd map, Variation, Part, Zoom, the course distance , Select Course Object, Select Graphics Object then Select route choice line.

I used Select route choice line to make the bend.

Finn Arildsen
Re: I few things I am missing
September 29, 2021 11:35AM
Ah, there is the culprit.

The Route Choice Line feature can be used to draw one or more route choices between control points. This can be used to automatically calculate the length of a sprint course, as the length of a sprint course must be calculated along the shortest logical route choice, rather than along the beeline between control points.

There is an on-line help article that explains how to bend a course leg (How to bend the line between two controls)

How to bend the leg line between two controls

Occasionally, you want the course leg line between two controls to bend, for example to avoid an out-of-bounds area.

Select the course leg by clicking the mouse on the leg line. The leg line now appears in red color, and the end points appear as small black rectangles (handles).
Add a point to the line by first selecting the Insert Point tool on the Course Edit Tools Toolbar, then click on the course leg where you want to insert the point.
A black rectangle appears on the course leg to indicate a corner point.

You can now move the point along the course leg line by dragging it with the mouse, but you cannot drag it away from the straight line. Condes blocks you from dragging the point away from the straight line to ensure that if you move the end points of a gap in a leg line, this will not bend the line.

So to be able to bend the line, you need to use the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

Press and hold the Ctrl key while dragging the point to the location where you want the bend.

The appearance of a course leg can either be

common for all courses, or
specific to a given course
In the former case, Condes remembers that you want the leg to bend between the leg's two endpoint controls. Condes draws that course leg the same way for all courses that use the leg.

If you want the leg to be specific to a given course (the latter case), you can double click on the leg line, and in the dialog box that pops up, you can choose that the leg should be specific to the selected course. This can be useful, for example if a leg goes straight through a control later on this particular course and therefore needs to be cut or bent only on this course.

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Re: I few things I am missing
October 01, 2021 06:04AM
Thank you very much Finn!

LOL now I need to figure getting local LiDAR data into Open Orienteering! Another learning curve and skill!

Thanks again,

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