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Fooled by Export Setting

Posted by Michael 
Fooled by Export Setting
April 08, 2021 01:21PM
I was fooled again tonight by "Export Courses to PDF". It has a setting for PDF page size, the last one I did was A3, I opened another file intended for A4, it produced the PDFs all right but I didnt notice the white space all round. It seems this setting is remembered, but shouldn't it be associated with the Condes project, or even with a canvas within a project? Anyone else caught by this? I think the page size used to be on the main export dialogue where there was a chance of noticing it, but now its hiding behind a button. Or have I misinterpreted things, I'm always doing this late at night to send off to the printer at the last moment:-)
Finn Arildsen
Re: Fooled by Export Setting
April 08, 2021 01:34PM
In general, the recommendation is to set the PDF page size to "Fit page to course size". Using this value, the PDF page size is adapted to the size of the printed area, and is thus independent of physical page sizes. This results in one map placed on each page, and no need to worry about the physical page size.

Setting the PDF page size to a physical format (e.g. A3 or A4) is useful when you want to fit multiple maps onto the same physical page. This allows you to place for example 2 A5 size maps on the same A4 page.

It is correct that the PDF page size setting is remembered locally on the PC and is not specific to each event. You have a point that it could be useful to store the setting in the event file.
Re: Fooled by Export Setting
April 08, 2021 11:38PM
Thanks for that. Could be another case of me over-specifying things, when Condes has it all sorted out:-))

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