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Wish List

Posted by Nick Collins 
Wish List
November 26, 2020 02:05AM
We have been doing lots of Maprun courses this year as they are ideal in times of lockdown.
One of the outputs needed is a KMZ of the map in tiled format, (512*512)
Condes only outputs an untiled KMZ whereas OCAD outputs a tiled one so we currently export maps from OCAD which can be a bit messy.
Any chance of putting this in the wish list.
the KML output of the course is perfect.

Finn Arildsen
Re: Wish List
December 07, 2020 11:46AM
Dear Nick,

I understand that this feature would facitlitate import of map images into MapRun.
MapRun apparently does not have the most user-friendly interface to create events and import maps an courses.

I’ll certainly consider this request. However, as a number of other features are currently in the pipeline, I cannot promise exactly when it will be possible to implement this feature.

In a recent conversation with British orienteers, I became aware that there are utilities to convert a Condes KMZ to a tiled version, and this might be helpful to you in the meantime:

I have just had a play with the MapRun Utility: Create KMZ file with 512 x 512 tiles from an un-tiled KMZ file. (

If you export a Condes KMZ and open it in Google Earth – go into the Sidebar, expand the info for the KMZ and delete the second part (which get rid of the red cross Ground Overlay as SVG file element) and then Save Place as… it creates a new blank map KMZ file that can be used with the MapRun utility above.

For me the tiled KMZ created by the MapRun utility works perfectly In MapRun. Obviously this is only a good as the geo-referencing of the OCAD file being used by Condes! When the original un-tiled KMZ is exported from Condes.

I assume you have also requested from Peter Effenay to have MapRun import non-tiled KMZ, or – even better – importing Condes KMZ-files, as they have all the information in ONE file (including course info), thus making the data transfer process less error prone. smiling smiley

Best regards,

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