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Cutting Circles Not Working

Posted by Michael 
Cutting Circles Not Working
June 13, 2020 10:26AM
Behaviour reported by a club member, and verified by me just now. I recently updated to version 10.1.0 but haven't done any serious Condes for a while. Anyone else found this or are we in a strange sort of "rut"?

Snipping bits out of a control circle does not persist. It appears to work but clicking on another circle makes the cutouts disappear from the first circle. When going back to a circle on which cutouts have been attempted, they re-appear, but disappear again when carrying on. The cutouts are not present on a print preview, or an export pdf.

Current project is a score event so havent tried snipping lines. I have the impression that each snip removes a smaller amount of circle than it used to, it seems harder to achieve the desired gap because small parts of the circle remain. But am prepared for the possibility that the size of the snip can be user-defined:-))
Finn Arildsen
Re: Cutting Circles Not Working
June 14, 2020 02:18PM
This is a complex topic.

It has to do with showing the control on a course or in the “all controls” view.

When showing the control in the “all controls” view, the circle diameter may differ from when showing the control on a course. Circles on "all controls" maps are often smaller than when they are shown as part of a course. This is to facilitate distinguishing many circles close together, as is often the case on an "all controls" map.

The gaps in a circle are cut to avoid covering important map features, and therefore are specific to a given circle diameter.
When showing the circle at the smaller "all controls" diameter, the gaps may be misleading.

I made the decision to show the gaps in “all controls” view, only when the diameter is equal to the diameter used on the course. Thus, gaps are not shown in circles when they are smaller (or larger) than on the course.

When hovering the mouse over the circle, the circle changes to the “course” diameter and shows the gaps.
It is still possible to edit the gaps even in the situation where they are not shown, and this can lead to confusion.

Unfortunately, I don't see any clean solution to this. I do recognise the confusion this can lead to, and your thoughts are welcome.


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