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Road crossing text box in control descriptions list

Posted by Colin Hicks 
Is there a way to dis-associate the text box from a particular control which has a road crossing on some courses - and is used on another course that does not cross the road. Our club still works in Condes 9. I am planning a middle distance event in a small area.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Road crossing text box in control descriptions list
November 27, 2019 05:43PM
Hi Colin,

In control descriptions, an additional text associated with a control is always shown when showing the control. There is not an option to omit the text on some courses.

An additional text associated with the course leg that crosses the road may be the answer. To associate an additional text to a course leg, double click on the course leg and use the pop-up dialog window to enter the text.
Ok thanks Finn that has worked perfectly, thank you
Kind regards
Colin H.

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