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Running Condes 9 and Condes 10 - mixed environment

Posted by Richard Guttormson 
I have two, related, questions but first a short background:

Our club has recently upgraded its licence to Condes 10.
Some course planners and controllers may not have converted - one has reported that Condes 10 is not supported on her computer - different topic but it explains one reason for the dual environment. Another reason is inertia.

Question 1: As I understand the messages from Condes 10, a Condes 10 file cannot be opened in Condes 9 and there seems to be no provision for saving in a previous version. Is this correct?

Question 2: Is it possible to have both Condes 9 and Condes 10 on the same computer? It seems so, but I had Condes 9 open while I installed Condes 10. What is needed to have both versions on one computer?

Finn Arildsen
Re: Running Condes 9 and Condes 10 - mixed environment
October 28, 2019 11:11PM
Hi Richard

You are correct that there is no conversion back to Condes 9 once a file is saved in Condes 10 format.
Version 9 and 10 are separate applications and can be installed individually. No additional requirements.
Condes files have the same extension, .wcd, for both versions, so you need to be sure which version of the application is opening a given file. Double clicking on a Condes file will open the file with the version last installed, as the installer updates the association between the .wcd extension and the application.

Condes 10 is not supported on Windows XP and earlier.
Thanks for the quick response, Finn.

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