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One map with an insert map of a different scale

Posted by Simon Martland 
My map is 1:7500, but has an enlargement map at 1:5000 in one corner for readability of a complex area. I have used a second canvas to insert the controls that appear twice on the map (at 1:7500 and at 1:5000), but I am now unsure of how I print the course map with the same controls appearing twice. When I preview the print it only shows one canvas. How can I print two canvases at once?
Finn Arildsen
Re: One map with an insert map of a different scale
October 21, 2019 12:51PM
In order to have the enlargement map from canvas 2 to appear on canvas 1, insert a graphics object on canvas 1, and configure the graphics object to use the map from canvas 2 (and also the course). You can crop, resize and move the graphics object as needed, once you have created it.
Wow, that was a quick reply and an easy solution. All sorted, thank you.

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