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Condes error code "Attempted to access an unnamed file past its end."

Posted by sheldec 
Condes error code "Attempted to access an unnamed file past its end."
May 25, 2019 05:03PM
Hi Finn,

I'm running Condes 9.7.21 (latest update) on Windows Vista 64 bit and normally have no problems.

For the current event I'm course setting for I've started encountering some odd errors.

I'm using a 600 dpi background map (same results with .png or .tif) and even after a fresh installation of Condes I'm getting the "Attempted to access an unnamed file past its end." error code and now an "Out of Memory" error code.

The background map is a 600 dpi file with same results loading either a .png or a .tif.

Here's what's weird: I course set this event last year with very similar map file (same dimensions, same resolution) without any issues.

Any idea on how to correct this?

Update ---
System has 8 gb of RAM.
Additional error report tells me that the file I'm trying to save "C:\path\path\file_name.wcd" was not found....even though the file is open. This occurs under normal Save... and Save As... options.

Thanks for any help or insight you can share.

All my best,

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