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Climb Spreadsheet - Applicable Courses for each Leg

Posted by sheldec 
Climb Spreadsheet - Applicable Courses for each Leg
May 20, 2019 04:22PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm working through some analysis on a set of courses - focusing on my estimates of features the runners will use for Attack Points en route and Catching Features beyond the control location.

The Climb Spreadsheet is a great tool for starting that analysis, but I am struggling a bit to figure out the list of courses each leg is assigned to. I can see them easily with the pop up dialog in the Course Editor window but as soon as I leave the window to type the values into the spreadsheet the pop up vanishes.

The Course Spreadsheet only tells me the controls assigned to all the courses, but not legs.

The Control / Course Relations diagram lists the controls, but doesn't reveal shared legs in any way I can readily sort out.

Is there an option that lets us see the requested info and I'm just missing it?

My current work around is to take a screenshot of the pop up dialog and use to transcribe the applicable courses into the spreadsheet. I'll send a screenshot or two of the spreadsheet I'm developing if interested.

My two main reasons for doing this analysis are:
1. For advanced courses: to ensure an appropriate stand off between attack point / catching feature and the control with my main focus on the catching feature to ensure an appropriate distance penalty is encountered in the event the advanced runner misses the control.
2. For the beginner and intermediate courses: to make sure I understand how much "precise navigation" I'm imposing on the on the runners.

Thanks for considering the question.

All my best,
Re: Climb Spreadsheet - Applicable Courses for each Leg
May 23, 2019 01:28AM
Hello Everyone,
As promised yesterday here's a screenshot of the spreadsheet I developed.
Is there anyway to generate this type of report automatically from Condes?
open | download - leg_review_example.png (147.8 KB)

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