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reset blue route choice line to a straight line

Posted by Mark Holliday 
I am planning a course and I have created a blue route choice line (with multiple inflexion points) between two controls, so that I can estimate the actual running distance (not the straight line distance) between the controls. I now wish to reset the blue route choice line back to a straight line so that I can start again, and measure the actual running distance of an alternative route between the same controls. How does one do this? I have tried various manoeuvres, including deleting the leg (both controls), saving, reloading, then recreating the leg, but the multiply-inflected blue route choice line is still there. How can I reset the the blue route choice line to a straight line? Thank you
Finn Arildsen
Re: reset blue route choice line to a straight line
February 18, 2019 11:54AM
Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, there is not a "reset line" command in Condes 9. However, you can remove individual points by using the "Remove point" tool.

The upcoming Condes 10 has greatly improved functionality, including the possibility to create multiple route choices for the same course leg, resetting route choices (and course legs), as well as an easier line editing tool. Stay tuned within the next couple of months.


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