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Editing courses - see other controls

Posted by Ali Wood 
Two questions, Finn:

When editing a course, wouldn't it be fantastic if you could click a toggle button to make all other controls visible/not visible?
It's fiddly having to hit the insert control button when you're not actually wanting to insert a control - you want to see other controls and have complete freedom to do other things like view a different part of the course, or see other leg possibilities. Currently when you cancel the insert process the other controls vanish again.
So, unless I'm missing something obvious, have a button just like the insert feature but which just toggles all other controls on and off!

It would be nice (but not essential!) also to have a new button for changing a control rather than inserting one.thumbs up

Bravo! smiling smiley

Finn Arildsen
Re: Editing courses - see other controls
March 25, 2018 11:26PM
Dear Ali,

Many thanks for your fine suggestions for new features in Condes. I have put them on the wish list.

I'm in the very privileged position that I receive a lot of positive feedback from users. This is extremely motivating for the continuous work to improve the software. I do my best to fulfil as many requests as possible, in the time that I have available. Please bear with me, that sometimes it can take a while before I am able to implement a given new feature.



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