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Mass start courses without simple loops - create/print

Posted by Gunner Sie 
Often making mass start courses, I am missing a loop-feature not returning to same control. The workaround is creating the mass-start course as a relay-course with e.g. 2 legs and only print the first leg for all "teams". But printing relay-maps with class/bib-number, it becomes a bit bothersome to tick-off all maps to print individually. Condes-file from MTBO Worldcup 2014 attached as example. B.r. Gunner
open | download - Worldcup Long 17 May 2014-06.wcd (225.9 KB)
Finn Arildsen
Re: Mass start courses without simple loops - create/print
November 12, 2017 11:55PM
Hej Gunner

The current loop feature works well when the loop returns to a given common control. However, this feature does not support that the common point is not a control, but the start point. Such a course is more akin to a "one-man relay", than it is a loop course.

If I understand correctly, what you would like to have is a feature to support one-man relays, i.e. one that prints for example two legs with sequentially incrementing control numbers, instead of control numbers restarting from 1 for each leg.

I have noted this request.

One-man-relay, yes! "Course 5" in the initially attached file, is the most simple example, showing control no. 45 and 60 as common controls and the full course printed on same map. In some events, the start-point will be a "common control" too and/or the course will be split on more maps.

One suggested quick fix: One new "button" in the relay-allocation table menu (Hold-tildelinger), that marks all 2.-leg maps as printed. Then the printing of all 1.-leg-maps - with printed bib-numbers on the maps - would be easy.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Mass start courses without simple loops - create/print
November 13, 2017 11:34PM
I have noted your request for one-man relay course printing. I wonder, though, why is it a requirement that the control numbers can't restart from 1 on the second map?

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