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Relay Team Allocation

Posted by Graham Nilsen 
Relay Team Allocation
August 12, 2017 07:35PM
I have hit a problem when using CONDES for a relay. The problem arises when allocating teams: the program is not using the full set of team combinations. Instead, it stops when each possible variation has been used as a first leg once.
e.g. a 3-leg relay with one common control; available variations are AA, AB, AC, BA, BB, BC, CA, CB, CC. This gives 9 variations and 36 combinations. Having entered the course, Relay / Course Variations… correctly lists all 9 variations; Relay / Team Combinations… correctly lists all 36 combinations. So far, no problem.
Relay / Open Team Allocations… , click on ‘New Team’, select ‘Auto compose team’ and ‘Minimize the number of used course variations’ then start entering teams and the program stops me after 9 teams. If, instead, I deselect ‘Minimize the number of used course variations’ and select ‘Allow identical teams’, the program just keeps repeating the original 9 combinations. I get e.g. AA BB CC but not AA BC CB, AA CB BC or AA CC BB. Also, whenever AA is used for leg 2, leg 3 is BB, leg 1 is CC.
What am I doing wrong? Have I missed a setting somewhere?
In case that description is confusing, I have attached a file which has one course in it to illustrate the problem.
Thanks in anticipation.
open | download - Trial Relay.wcd (28 KB)
Finn Arildsen
Re: Relay Team Allocation
August 12, 2017 11:15PM
By default, Condes creates unique team variations, ensuring that on the same leg, the same course variation is not used by two different teams.

The "allow partly overlapping teams" option allows a given team to use the same course variation as another team, but only on a single leg. It doesn't allow overlapping with two different teams on two different legs.

For a course with 3 relay legs and 2 forks, there are - as you mention - 36 different team combinations in total. 9 of these are completely unique and do not overlap with any other team on any leg. These are the team variations that Condes create.
Allowing partly overlapping teams does not generate additional team combinations, because such combinations would all overlap with at least two teams on different legs.

I have an item on my to-do list to add an additional options to "allow overlap with multiple teams on different legs" and "use all possible team combinations". This is work for a future version.

However, with Condes 9, by manually entering variation codes for each leg, it is possible to create team combinations that are not automatically created.


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