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Transform CONDES control coordinates

Do you have any suggestion how to transform the control coordinates in a Condes file. The background is that we have prepared Courses with a OCAD file in SWEREF99 (official coordinate system in Sweden), in which the SWEREF99 system have zero rotation (i.e. the north lines have a small deviation of approximately 4 degrees).

In the new IOF standard ISOM 2017 it is stated
However, before printing the map, it shall first be rotated to make the magnetic north lines parallel to the edges of the map page

Our new updated/extended map delivered today follows ISOM 2017 and is still in SWEREF99, but rotated those 4 degrees (approximatley) such that the nort lines are parallel to the millimeter coordinates in OCAD. The consequence is that the already prepared Condes file (75 Controls) does not match the new map. Yes, I can rotate back the OCAD map as a specific map-version for this competition, but then we will have the problem again in the future, if we want to re-use the same Controls.
Also I can export the Controls from Condes to OCAD format, rotate them in OCAD and open as a background-map in Condes and move each Control manually (straightforward but boring).

Control coordinates can also be copied via the clipboard from the Control overview to an external file, and I can then transform the millimeter coordinates used by Condes to the new map reference (with some programming). But does it exist any method to import back the controls into Condes again (from an ASCII format).

Let me know your comments on this.

BR / Per-Erik
Finn Arildsen
Re: Transform CONDES control coordinates
June 20, 2017 04:03PM
Hej Per-Erik

For this tough problem, unfortunately, there is only the hard solution. .
It's not only the control coordinates that need to be rotated. Any points on bending course legs also need to be rotated. Condes currently does no have a feature that can rotate all coordinates

Hej Finn

Thank you for your reply. You are right, it might be more complicated than I first expected. I think we have to consider one of the two alternatives I suggested myself. Since the real coordinates in meter is not changed (only the internal millimeter coordinates of Condes and OCAD) I can double check a manual transformation by making a position comparison in Excel before versus after (using the coordinat table in the controls spreadsheet).
I want to make sure I don't make any fatal mistake in the transformation.

BR / Per-Erik

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