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Control description with both pictorial and text

Posted by Ian Shields 
Is it possible to create a control description that includes both text and pictorial information? Looks like it is either/or, but not both. Someone suggested on AP that it helps beginners learn symbols. Seems like a good idea.

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Finn Arildsen
Re: Control description with both pictorial and text
February 13, 2017 05:15PM
It is currently not possible to combine text and symbols in the same control description.

However, you can place two control descriptions side by side and configure one to be symbolic and the other to be textual. Use the "New Control Description" tool to place a new control description on the map, then double click on it and select "Textual" on the Appearance tab.

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That sort of works. However, If I slide one control description over the other to eliminate redundant columns, part of the second heading is also truncated. I couldn't see how to remove the header rows from the second copy. Also, the order of adding the two descriptions is importnt as I don't see an option to arrange the Z-order.


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