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Printing with overlap

Posted by Ian Shields 
Printing with overlap
February 13, 2017 04:51PM
I'm experimenting with various ways to prepare maps for a low-vision user. I ran into a curious quirk when I specified a 50mm overlap. My idea was to print a course map on two pages with enough overlap that the runner could easily transition between the two maps by just flipping over the map. The layout was landscape on US legal paper. I expected a single overlap along the long edge between two pages. Instead Condes printed four pages. Pages 1 and 3 were as expected, but pages 2 and 4 were an extra copy of the 50mm overlap on the right hand edge. Oddly, there was no such extra page printed at the bottom of the map. In fact, with 50mm overlap, part of the bottom of the map was cropped. I reduced the overlap to 25mm to fix the cropping, but still got the two extra pages (now with 25mm of print) for pages 2 and 4.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Printing with overlap
February 13, 2017 06:14PM
Was the width of the print area frame close to the width of the paper? As soon as the print area width is wider than the printable area of a page, then there will be a spill-over to another page, and it will start with an overlap.

If this was not the case, could you e-mail me a copy, and I'll take a closer look?

Re: Printing with overlap
February 15, 2017 05:45PM
Print area was originally defined to fit US legal paper in landscape mode, then the bottom was pulled down to get the second page. Clicking on the frame shows two pages.

Another curious fact is that if the target printer is a Nuance PDF printer I do not get the extra 50mm or 25mm on the right, but I do with my Epson XP-610. I think the Epson will do borderless photos, so I'm surprised if there is a print area issue, but it is possible so I will check further on that. However, with either printer, the 50mm overlap still results in cropping at the bottom. I will email files for you to look at.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Printing with overlap
February 15, 2017 05:52PM
Keep in mind, if you look at the print preview, that it will differ depending on whether the currently selected printer is the Epson or the PDF printer. The printable areas for the two printers are not the same size. You'll probably see that more will fit onto the page when you have the PDF printer selected - as you mention, it doesn't have any unprintable edges ("gutter") of the page.
Re: Printing with overlap
February 15, 2017 06:03PM
Preview for both PDF and Epson printers shows all of the frame included on the first page. With the Epson, there is white area on the right, outside the frame, so it might be as simple as a one pixel rounding error when computing whether the page will fit on the printer.
Re: Printing with overlap
February 16, 2017 02:59AM
After discussion with Finn, it transpires that the Epson has a 3mm non-printing area on each edge of the page and Condes resizes to the printable area. Setting the Epson XP-610 (in my case) as the default printer with the desired paper size then using Condes "Print Area->Resize to fit default printer page size" (rather than refitting to a specific page size) solves the overflow to the right. Finn is investigating the bottom cropping as a possible bug.

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