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Define Print Area

Posted by Michael Wood 
Define Print Area
October 31, 2016 08:26AM
I haven't been able to get to grips with the print area. I'm sure that its just a mis-match between the way it works and my expectations, and someone will be able to set me on the right path:-)

My past practice has been to do the layout in OCAD complete with border. My border is always less than what my home printer thinks are the standard paper sizes, usually A4. So I'm thinking that it should be easy for Condes to export A4 pdfs. But it seems I have to screw down a number of "margin" settings, these are things I'd rather not think about. I thought I'd sorted those out years ago:-) Then I spotted "resize to fit" map. Aha! But Condes seems to think my map has something extra on the top, outside my border. The result is that the bottom falls onto a second page. What's happening here?

Then I thought I'd try Condes masking. What's the usual workflow? I think I need to move an A4 (preliminary) print window into position over the (larger) map, and then cut a hole in the mask. But I don't seem to be able to see the print window at the same time as being able to edit the mask cutout. I think there must be a key step that's staring me in the face!
Finn Arildsen
Re: Define Print Area
October 31, 2016 12:29PM
Hi Michael

This is a topic people often ask about. So my response is a more general description of the print area frame and PDF export.

There are two aspects: 1) Defining the print area frame, and 2) PDF export

The print area frame is a layout feature that is usually used to show a nice frame around the area on the canvas that is printed or exported. The frame’s standard color is blue and is configurable. The (visible) frame can also be turned off.
You can resize the print area frame by dragging its corners or sides. The Print Area menu has options to resize the print area frame to a well-defined size:
1) Default printer’s page size. This option sets the print area frame to fit within the printable area of the currently selected printer. So if the default printer is set to page size A4, the print area frame will be slightly smaller than A4, in order to fit within the printable area.
2) Page size. This option sets the frame to a size corresponding to a standard paper format (e.g. A4). In order to compensate for the non-printable area along the page border, you can enter a “margin”, which will be deducted from the standard paper format size.
3) Fit map. This option sets the frame to fit the map area.
3) Fit course. This option sets the frame to fit the area covered by the course and its control description. This is not used very often.

Which option to choose depends on the purpose. Normally, it would be fine to select option 1). However, if the PDF is printed on a different printer than is currently selected in Condes, it might be that the non-printable borders are wider, and that the frame will be “cropped” when printed. It might be better to use option 2) and ensure that the margin set is wide enough.

Note that the print area frame is not a "print window" as such.

There are two main settings in this dialog: “Print Area”, and “Page setup”.
“Print area” defines which area from the canvas to export.
“Page setup” defines the size of the pages in the PDF file.

For “print area”, in most cases you select “Defined printout page area”. This results in the area defined by the print area frame to be exported.

For “page setup”, the default is “Fit page to course size”. This option produces pages that – for each course – fit to the exported area (defined by “Print area”).
If the print area frame is slightly smaller than A4, then the resulting PDF page is also slightly smaller than A4, and the printout will fit nicely on an A4 when printed.
You can also select a standard paper size. If you select A3 for example, and the print area frame is A4 size, then Condes can fit 2 courses onto the same PDF page. This is useful, e.g. when the print shop has an A3 printer.

I hope this is helpful.


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Re: Define Print Area
November 01, 2016 11:36PM
Thanks Finn. In our subsequent emails the following hint could be of wider interest.

When using "Fit Map", the OCAD map can be bigger than you imagine. In particular, text objects have a "footprint" which can be much taller than the visible characters. For example a title at the top of the map can fool Condes into thinking the map extends much higher. It may be necessary to then "pull down" the top of the print area to get the map on the page.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Define Print Area
November 01, 2016 11:43PM
Hi Michael,

That is correct. In some cases, the bounding rectangle for an OCAD text object may be taller than one would expect. You can ascertain yourself about the height by selecting the object in OCAD - the bounding rectangle is shown when the object is selected.

By the way, the map's bounding rectangle is calculated as the union of all the OCAD objects' bounding rectangles. Thus, if a text object is placed near the Northern edge of the map, the text's bounding rectangle may extend further North, resulting in a map bounding rectangle that is taller than expected.

It is worth noting that the map bounding rectangle is identical in OCAD and in Condes.


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