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Color Management in Condes

Posted by Dave 
Color Management in Condes
July 30, 2009 06:42PM
Hi Finn,

If I export a course from Condes as an EPS file and then print this file from Adobe Illustrator do any of the color/printer settings in Condes have any effect on the contents of the EPS file.

I would guess that all the postscript option do not have any effect but not sure about the Use Windows Color Management option. Also does the make overprint effect have any effect when exxporting as an EPS?

Also do still think there is any advantage to printing via EPS and Adobe AI versus directly printing to the printer from Condes using PS passthrough and simulate overprint effect.


Finn Arildsen
Re: Color Management in Condes
July 30, 2009 07:58PM
Hi Dave

When you export an EPS, this file will use the original colours configured in the map file. The course overprint will use the colour configured in Condes, and it will - if the standard overprint color is used - be converted to 100% Magenta, 20% Cyan.

The Postscript options will not have any effect, i.e. the simulated overprint will not be produced.

The EPS file will have the "overprint" indicators for those colour layers (including the course overprint layer) which has been indicated in the OCAD colour table with a checkmark in the O column.

When you print from AI, make sure to select "View" / "Overprint preview" to get the overprint effect.

Best regards,


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