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Boundary line on multiple canvases

Posted by Dave 
Hi Finn,

We are using multiple canvases for an event (to get different areas of the map for different courses). All was working fine until I added a boundary line to canvas 1. This boundary line then appears on all other canvases and I can't find out any way to prevent this. I need the ability to put different boundary lines on different canvases. All the other items we are using (text, graphics) are canvas specific. I have the canvases configured for each one to specify their own map file (although they point to the same file). I tried with different map files and same problem.

Am I doing somehting wrong or does it need a software fix? I'm hoping we can resolve this soon as I am doing the layouts for our Canadian Championships. The alternative to get around this would be to do the lines in OCAD which is not a very appealing option!


Finn Arildsen
Re: Boundary line on multiple canvases
July 29, 2009 08:44AM
Hi Dave,

A canvas can be configured to use (or "link to") controls on another canvas. This is presumably what you do in this case.

At the same time, you can also "link" the cutting of controls, and "link" the course overprint symbols (out-of-bounds, crossings, boundary lines, etc). However, these "links" are optional. You can configure via "Canvas" / "Controls" and check/uncheck the appropriate checkboxes.

In this case, you would uncheck the "Also use the same" "Symbols" checkbox to avoid using the boundary lines from canvas 1 on canvas 2. Obviously, this also unlinks any other symbols such as refreshments, out-of-bounds etc, and you would have to do them again on canvas 2 if needed.

On a different dimension, boundary lines and other symbols are not course specific, so they will appear on all courses on a given canvas. So, if you need to use a boundary line only on certain courses, this could be done exactly as you plan to, namely use canvas 2 with the same map and the same controls as canvas 1, but without linking the course symbols. Then you could print the courses that need the boundary line from the canvas where the boundary line exists.

I hope this explanation helps. You are always welcome to contact me.

Best regards,
Thanks Finn,

That works great.


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