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Condes on Linux

Posted by Hannu 
Condes on Linux
October 04, 2005 02:14PM
Do you have any plans to support Linux platform?
Finn Arildsen
Re: Condes on Linux
October 04, 2005 03:29PM
Many thanks for your question.

Yes, I would like to add support for the Linux platform.

However, I have a very long list of requests for new functionality, which I am pleased to say. I would like to fulfil as many as possible of all the good and useful requests.

This has the downside, unfortunately, that there is no time available to involve in a porting project.
Re: Condes on Linux
November 14, 2006 03:48PM
I fully support the wish for a Linux version. The new 'Ubuntu' is very streamlined and easy to updata and install applications.

Best regards Torben Caroc
Finn Arildsen
Re: Condes on Linux
November 14, 2006 09:15PM
There is a similar wish from a number of users for a Macintosh version.

As much as I would like to fulfil these wishes, there is unfortunately no chance that I'll be able to port Condes to neither a Unix/Linux environment nor a Macintosh environment in a forseeable future :-(

I'm not an expert in these matters, but I am told that there are solutions for both operating systems to host Windows applications or to run Windows as a secondary operating system on the same hardware.

Re: Condes on Linux
January 11, 2007 03:23PM

I can tell that I organized an event this Sunday, and my computer is Linux :-)
I was able to run Condes just fine under vmware: [] but that's kind of cheating because you still need to run Windows.

I tried to run Condes under wine: [] . It installs and starts, but the maps are drawn horribly, each line is about 2cm wide, which makes the map unreadable.

For a screenshot go to [] . This is running with wine 0.9.28 on a Foresight Linux ( system. This was true as of Condes 7.5.10.

I would love to not have to run Windows at all, so Finn, if you want any help debugging this I can definitely try to help.
Re: Condes on Linux
January 23, 2008 11:32PM
Since there was talk about condes for linux more than a year ago I will try it again. Is there any chance for linux version. Or may be just fixing that "thick lines" while using wine and opening ocad files, otherwise it is working. Does anybody has clue where can be error, ocad6 is running fine under the wine, but in Condes all lines on the ocad map are very very very thick.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Condes on Linux
January 24, 2008 01:44PM
I'll be happy to try to find out what causes the lines to be think when running under Wine.

Since I don't have access to Linux and Wine, I would need to work with someone who has, and who would be willing to help with some experimenting.

Re: Condes on Linux
November 28, 2011 08:17PM
I'm fairly new to Ubuntu, I've installed Wine and Condes and I have the thick lines problem. I would be willing to help with the experimenting.
I write this in English instead of Danish, because it might be of general international interest.

I am running both Ocad and Condes on Parallels on a Mac. Both programs work well apart from one thing - the colours.

DOF standard colours look fine on my screen, but as soon as I save them, they become muddy and washed out with completely wrong colours, especially in greens, browns and yellows. The "washed out" effect persists when I import the map file into Condes, and it also persists if I print directly from Ocad. It even persists if I export the map from Ocad to a pdf file (file attached).

I have tried to change the Ocad colours so that the look like the standard DOF colours, but without success, I have been able to find clour combinations that reproduce the yellows and browns, but no matter what I try, the greens remain muddy and washed out.

My guess is that there is something very strange about how Parallels is converting between CMYK and RGB and back again.

Have you (or anyone else) come across this problem before? Have you a solution? Is it something totally daft about my Parallels setup? Help, please.
Re: Condes on Linux
December 18, 2020 10:55PM
You could try and simulate linux on windows
Re: Condes on Linux
July 25, 2021 02:13PM
I am trying to open a CONDES 10 file on a Mac with M1 ARM processor (ie not Intel). This can run windows 10X via parallels. Win10X is a version of windows that runs on an ARM chip. I can report that CONDES 9 works fine but for some reason CONDES 10 refuses to run - no error code - just click to run and... nothing. I expect its something pretty basic but it would be great if CONDES 10 could work. (I tried all the windows compatibility settings...)
Finn Arildsen
Re: Condes on Linux
September 29, 2021 02:33PM
Hi Max,

Unfortunately, there is currently an issue that prevents Condes from executing on an M1 processor. This issue is related to a third party component. A solution is being investigated by the supplier, but currently no date is given for when a solution is available.

Re: Condes on Linux
November 16, 2021 03:43AM
I too cannot run Condes 10 on a Apple M1 SoC. But it runs fine on Crossover with a Windows10 64 bottle. I would like it to run on a Parallels windows VM though.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Condes on Linux
November 16, 2021 07:36AM
The issue that prevented Condes from starting on a system with an M1 chip is resolved. As from version 10.2.14, Condes again runs fine on a system with an M1 chip.

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