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Condes Discussion and Support

This is where you can discuss about using Condes. You can for example write your ideas for others to use, or ask questions if you are unsure about how to do this or that. 

BOC 2005 logo

John Warren1,82503/04/2005 08:37PM

Re: BOC 2005 logo

Finn Arildsen77003/05/2005 10:21PM

Some kind of error

Eduards1,74603/02/2005 09:14AM

Re: Some kind of error

Finn Arildsen91503/02/2005 10:09AM

condes and printing

Dennis Hooton1,73502/24/2005 05:25PM

Re: condes and printing

Finn Arildsen77502/24/2005 05:35PM

Part 2 numbers

Bruce Bryant1,70411/27/2004 11:35AM

Re: Part 2 numbers

Finn Arildsen86311/27/2004 11:47AM

Re: Part 2 numbers

Laurie Rose89602/11/2005 04:18PM

Re: Part 2 numbers

Finn Arildsen86602/11/2005 06:30PM

Additional Text on overprints

John Warren2,15102/05/2005 05:14PM

Re: Additional Text on overprints

Finn Arildsen1,25902/05/2005 06:22PM

Deleted controls

Iain Shepherd1,93802/02/2005 10:51PM

Re: Deleted controls

Iain Shepherd94402/02/2005 11:12PM

"between" and textual descriptions

Laurie Rose1,70401/16/2005 10:03PM

Re: "between" and textual descriptions

Finn Arildsen92001/16/2005 11:22PM

Re: "between" and textual descriptions

Laurie Rose96701/17/2005 06:29PM

Re: "between" and textual descriptions

Jim Lewis93301/25/2005 12:51PM

relay variations

Bruce1,78511/27/2004 11:32AM

Re: relay variations

Finn Arildsen87111/27/2004 11:39AM

duplicate controls

Dennis Hooton1,64911/16/2004 03:47PM

Re: duplicate controls

Finn Arildsen84211/16/2004 08:11PM

streger forsvinder

Asger Jensen1,81310/29/2004 10:55AM

Re: streger forsvinder

Finn Arildsen78710/29/2004 12:08PM

Re: streger forsvinder

Asger Jensen79610/29/2004 12:17PM

Selectable punch library

Ken Dowling, Wheatsheaf, OZ1,89006/28/2004 11:29AM

Re: Selectable punch library

Finn Arildsen92706/29/2004 10:43PM

Refreshment points

Rui Botão1,97806/09/2004 07:44PM

Re: Refreshment points

Finn Arildsen2,90606/10/2004 01:01PM

Renaming controls

Rui Botão2,14905/06/2004 03:56PM

Re: Renaming controls

Finn Arildsen1,18505/06/2004 10:58PM

Re: Renaming controls

Rui Botão1,12105/11/2004 05:45PM

Additional Text Font Size

Valerie Meyer1,85803/22/2004 01:10AM

Re: Additional Text Font Size

Finn Arildsen84703/22/2004 06:01AM

Course Overprinting

Valerie Meyer2,15003/02/2004 07:59PM

Re: Course Overprinting

Finn Arildsen89503/03/2004 12:23AM

Re: Course Overprinting

Valerie Meyer82703/17/2004 07:13PM

Re: Course Overprinting

Finn Arildsen93103/18/2004 11:13PM

Dimension of the feature

Valerie Meyer1,81703/17/2004 02:23PM

Re: Dimension of the feature

Finn Arildsen88903/17/2004 05:40PM

Re: Dimension of the feature

Valerie Meyer1,00803/17/2004 07:11PM

Control Descriptions

Andy C2,36703/02/2004 11:01AM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen1,62003/02/2004 02:41PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Andy C1,33303/08/2004 03:26PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen1,32003/08/2004 04:25PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Andy C1,41003/09/2004 11:07AM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen1,08803/09/2004 04:52PM

Control card tools ?

JP_France2,01303/03/2004 08:35PM

Re: Control card tools ?

Finn Arildsen95703/03/2004 10:13PM

Re: Control card tools ?

JP_France91403/03/2004 10:36PM

Re: Control card tools ?

Finn Arildsen86303/03/2004 11:35PM

Re: Control card tools ?

JP_France91503/04/2004 07:43AM

Start triangle

Dennis Hooton2,47602/11/2004 12:06AM

Re: Start triangle

Finn Arildsen89702/11/2004 02:20AM

Re: Start triangle

Dennis Hooton97102/12/2004 01:27AM

Control descriptions

Roger Smith2,46801/24/2004 05:16PM

Re: Control descriptions

Finn Arildsen1,21701/25/2004 09:56PM

turning point on a leg

Laurie Rose2,30101/08/2004 03:34PM

Re: turning point on a leg

Finn Arildsen1,09501/08/2004 04:05PM

Re: turning point on a leg

Laurie Rose1,14001/09/2004 01:01PM

Merge or import event data?

Laurie Rose2,01501/08/2004 02:53PM

Re: Merge or import event data?

Finn Arildsen1,05801/08/2004 04:12PM

star exercise training

Denise Wright1,93301/07/2004 05:58PM

Re: star exercise training

Denise Wright99301/07/2004 06:28PM

Control Descriptions

Denise Wright2,24112/11/2003 12:51PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen1,08612/11/2003 01:05PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Denise Wright1,07601/07/2004 05:28PM

values for score controls

Donald Grassie2,42412/19/2003 12:54AM

Re: values for score controls

Finn Arildsen1,04512/19/2003 08:40AM

Re: values for score controls

Donald Grassie1,01212/21/2003 12:56AM

Pre-defined punch set

Dave Brown2,14311/21/2003 12:30AM

Re: Pre-defined punch set

Finn Arildsen1,05711/21/2003 09:27PM

Re: Pre-defined punch set

Dave Brown1,11111/28/2003 05:04PM

Re: Pre-defined punch set

Finn Arildsen1,15411/28/2003 08:00PM


Dave Brown2,17010/24/2003 10:10PM


Finn Arildsen1,08410/25/2003 01:54AM


Dave Brown1,00311/21/2003 12:25AM

Distance between 2 controls point.

JP_France2,02511/09/2003 06:21PM

Re: Distance between 2 controls point.

Finn Arildsen1,27511/09/2003 06:30PM

Thanks Finn !

JP_France2,22810/06/2003 11:24AM


Finn Arildsen1,96010/05/2003 03:11PM