Some questions have arisen about license renewal.  This post explains the concept.

3 years ago, in 2019, a new license concept was introduced.  With this concept, licenses no longer follow a major version.  Instead, a license comes with a 3-year period where updates are included.  Within the 3-year period, any update to a new version, minor or major, is included.  Once the 3-year period expires, the license is still valid for any version released BEFORE the expiration date.  New versions, released AFTER the expiration date are not included.

This concept ensures that all licenses get 3 years of updates, regardless of when new major versions are released.  Also, new features are released once they are ready; they need not wait for a new major version to be released.

Some users have experienced the expiration of their 3-year update period and have asked about how to proceed to continue receiving updates.  A license renewal can be ordered from this website under Get a Condes license.  With a renewal, the existing license code remain unchanged, so there is no need to enter a new license code; Condes will detect the new license and will invite the user to activate it.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, you are always welcome to use the feedback form