Directly upload maps and courses to Livelox

Livelox is a Swedish analysis tool for orienteering, created by Mats Troeng. Livelox lets you record and compare your orienteering races with family, friends and fellow competitors. Record your route in real time using a mobile app, or upload it from your GPS watch afterwards.

As an organiser, you create an event in Livelox, so that maps and courses are available, and as an athlete you upload your GPS track so that you can compare your route choices etc with others, who have uploaded their GPS tracks.

You can now directly from Condes create an event, and upload maps and courses to Livelox.

A new Condes menu item has been added: Export / Upload maps and courses to Livelox.


There are two steps in uploading the data. Condes guides you through these steps.

1) Select which courses to upload

2) Log in to Livelox (to allow Condes to upload) and finalize the upload.