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Store map and graphics in the Condes file

Traditionally, a Condes file contains only the courses.  The map is in a separate file.  A Condes files is very small and easy to share in a course planning team. However, if multiple maps are used at the same event, and if maps need layout elements or background maps, sharing becomes complex because you need […]

License activation

You may have noticed that the latest Condes update (release 10.3) asks you to activate the license on your system. This does not mean that you need a new license – you can continue to use the license that you already have. License activation means that Condes  will check license data at a Condes license […]

Make sure to update Condes

Condes is continuously improved, and updates are published regularly. Updates include new and improved features, and also important fixes. Each Condes version has an expiration date. After the expiration date, the version is obsolete and can no longer be used. So it is important to update before the currently installed version expires. Once a new […]

Directly upload maps and courses to Livelox

Livelox is a Swedish analysis tool for orienteering, created by Mats Troeng. Livelox lets you record and compare your orienteering races with family, friends and fellow competitors. Record your route in real time using a mobile app, or upload it from your GPS watch afterwards. As an organiser, you create an event in Livelox, so […]

Update from version 10.2.2 fails :-(

Unfortunately, there is an issue with the auto-update feature in version 10.2.2. A pop-up message in Condes announces that a newer version is available, and the update can be downloaded. However, after downloading, in some cases the issue then prevents the automatic update from completing. If you are affected by this issue, to update to […]

Automatic update check on Windows 7

This message is for Windows 7 users using the automatic update check feature in Condes. If you are using Windows 7, and your currently installed Condes is prior to version 10.2, then automatic update does not work correctly. Instead, you can use the download link at the Condes website to update Condes to the latest […]