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Condes 10 released

Condes 10 is now released.   Download it here: DOWNLOAD NOW Condes 10 comes with a long list of new features and improvements in all areas: Course Design, Course Overprint, Control Descriptions, Graphics Layout, Printing and Export, Course Layout Editor Enhancements, and OCAD support. Examples:  support for diamond/phi loops, and OCAD 12/2018 support.  See more details […]

Condes 9 works as a Condes 10 license

If you have a Condes 9 license purchased less than 2 years ago, the Condes 9 license also works for Condes 10.  You can obviously continue using Condes 9.  If you have Condes 9 installed on the same system, the license is used by Condes 10 until 2 years after issue. If your Condes 9 […]

Support for Chinese Language

I am very pleased to announce that Condes is now available with Chinese language support. When Condes opens on a computer with a Chinese version of Windows, the menus and other program texts appear in Chinese. This makes Condes more user-friendly for the growing orienteering community in China. The translation was kindly provided by Liangxin […]