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Step 1) is to create an "event" file in Condes. This is similar to what you do in most other Windows applications.  Simply use the File / New menu.  The new file is called an event file, because it is used to store the data that is associated with an orienteering "event". 

Step 2) is to associate a map file with the "event".  The map file can be an OCAD map file, or it can simply be a bitmap file.  This step is done in the "Event Wizard" that automatically guides you through creating a new event file.

The window that is now shown, where you can see the map, is called the "Course Layout Editor".  In the Course Layout Editor, the map file image is shown as a background for your course layout.  You can place start triangle, finish circles, and control circles on the map graphically with the mouse.

You can create one or more courses, and for each course you connect the start triangle, control circles, and finish circles to form the course.  This is also done graphically by using the mouse.

You can make as many changes as you like, and when you are finished, you can print the courses on a color printer, or you can export the courses to a PDF file for printing at a print shop.

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