Setup Print Area dialog
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This dialog is used to set up the Print Area details for the currently active canvas.

Note: The Setup Print Area dialog configures settings for the canvas that is currently active.  If you want to configure one of the other canvases, first select the relevant canvas from the drop-down list.

The Print Area is a rectangle that specifies which area of the map you want to print.  This can be used to print a smaller portion of the map, for example if the course only occupies a small area, and you do not want to print the entire map.

You configure the rectangle the the Print Area covers, directly in the Course Layout Editor.  Use the menu  "Course Layout" / "Show/Hide Print Area" to show the print area rectangle.  Then select the print area rectangle by clicking on the line.  Finally, drag one of the black dots at the corners or the middle of the sides of the rectangle.

The Print Area can be set individually for each course, and for the "all controls" printout, or it can be the same for both.

If you check the box "Use same printout page area for all courses", this area defined in this window will apply to all courses.

Condes can draw a frame around the Print Area if you check the "Draw frame" box. 

The Course Layout Editor uses a red line to indicate the Print Area, unless you have chosen to draw a frame around the Print Area, in which case the frame is shown instead.

Use specific print area for each course

Select this option if you need each course to have its own print area.  This can be used to fine tune a print area for each course.

Use same print area for all courses

Select this option if you want to use one print area for all courses.  Each course will use the same area. 

The advantage of this method is that all areas are equal size and this can be used if you always want to fit the printout onto one printed page.

Draw frame around print area

Check this box to get a colored frame around the print area.

Round corners

The frame will have round corners.

Frame width

Controls the width of the line used to draw the frame.


Controls the size of the white margin inside the frame line.

Frame color

Controls the color of the frame line.